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Spark Eco DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) utilizes blockchain technology to fund real-world solutions to combat the climate crisis. Climate change is the greatest threat to the future of humanity. Electricity is an essential public good that drives economic growth, improves living standards, and helps to alleviate poverty. Just under one billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity. We aspire to give this public good back to the people. A decentralized approach will be required to solve this problem. SparkEco will invest in solar energy projects, fund non-profits working on solar projects in developing communities, and support land preservation efforts.


Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. The people most affected are in low-income and developing communities. Historically these communities have directly suffered the most from dirty energy and industry, now they are the first to endure the catastrophic results of the global climate crisis. Electricity is an essential public good that drives economic growth, improves living standards, and helps to alleviate poverty. We aspire to give this public good back to the people.

Many organizations have been working to solve this complex problem. If a centralized utility company were to try and solve the problem, they would construct large fossil fuel-burning power plants and then build a grid of power lines to connect to customers. They would also keep all of the production and infrastructure ownership. This infrastructure does not exist in the parts of the world where energy poverty is an issue. Building traditional power plants and power grids is slow, costly, and the environmental impacts of creating this kind of infrastructure are high. They would significantly contribute to furthering the devastations of climate change.


We believe a decentralized approach will be required to solve this problem. Instead of large centralized entities burning coal and other fossil fuels, SparkEco will build localized small solar microgrids. These microgrids can supply power to small communities as close to the end-user as possible.

SparkEco DAO will be the first decentralized utility company deploying tens of thousands of small microgrids worldwide. Microgrids are decentralized self-sufficient systems that produce, store, and deliver directly to the consumer. The cost of microgrids has fallen 89% in the past 10yrs. SparkEco microgrids will only utilize renewable sources, such as solar and wind.  A new model will be created for how communities can access clean energy and have an ownership stake in the microgrids deployed in their community. SparkEco will fund these projects and then fractionalize the assets. We will also give a portion of the ownership back to the community. Public goods should empower communities! Long term, our goal is to transfer 100% of the ownership to the communities we serve.

A Decentralized Utility Company:

Web3 has evolved and can provide the tools necessary to build this decentralized model. Ownership, payments, and system monitoring can all be on the blockchain. Fractionalized ownership is possible using fungible tokens, which can be traded or exchanged, and governance can be decentralized with participation from consumers directly. Payments for the electricity used can be made on-chain, and monitoring the usage of the electricity generated can also be stored on-chain. This level of transparency, accountability, and ownership will empower the communities we serve.

Our vision is to create a DAO (SparkEco DAO) that funds microgrid projects. It will then help set up regional DAOs that own individual or a portfolio of microgrid assets. SparkEco will retain a portion of ownership in each of these DAOs in the form of tokens and give regional DAO communities a share of ownership.

Who we are:


Jon Ruth is the founder of SparkEco DAO and has over 15 years of experience developing, managing, and constructing large utility-scale solar projects. Jon has the experience and connections to build and acquire solar assets for Spark Eco investment. Since 2016 Jon has been involved in the cryptocurrency space, including mining various cryptocurrencies. This formed his early first-hand concerns about the environmental impact of blockchain technology. Jon is a passionate art collector who has been collecting physical art for several years. He bought his first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2021 that he saw the possibilities NFT's provide to artists. His concern about the perception that artists are destroying the planet by using NFT's as a new medium is where the original idea for SparkEco started. For 20 years, Jon has studied climate change, and he has a passion for building sustainable solutions to one of the most significant challenges humanity faces. Jon is building his legacy by making the maximum impact possible in the fight against climate change.


Tricia Wang, is a tech ethnographer obsessed with designing equity into systems. Part data geek, part designer, part researcher, and part community organizer, her belief that technology must serve humanity is the thread across her work in the private sector. She is the co-founder of Sudden Compass, a consulting firm that redesigns the way companies leverage data to serve their customers. Her tech career started with the early days of texting and mobile phones to the emergence of Web 1.0, then Web 2.0, and now the Web 3.0 stack with a focus on the social impact of crypto and blockchain enabling technologies. Her focus on tech has always been in adoption amongst marginalized communities from the US to China to South America. She optimizes her life to be spent dancing, eating, hanging with her dog Elle, and her grandma.

Harper Reed, is a technologist that predicts the future for a living. He spends most of his life building big things, hacking things, and talking about doing both of those things. As CTO of the Obama 2012 campaign, Harper was the first to bring the tech mentality to a political level. He believes the talent of a great bunch of humans can transform an organization like nothing else and uses that belief to strengthen, deploy, and inspire every team he works with. Harper also believes his incredible luck has led him to achieve wonderful things like pioneering crowdsourcing at Threadless.com, founding Modest Inc, and guiding the software team at PayPal. You can find Harper hacking on personal projects and enjoying life in Chicago with his partner, Hiromi, and their beautiful and bizarre poodle, Lulu.

Why SparkEco:

SparkEco team members have the background to execute this vision because of our combined experience in solar, technology, research, and the desire to build equity into the projects we build. With a lengthy background in solar and sustainability, Jon is perfectly positioned to develop strong partnerships with solar providers around the globe. He has negotiated millions of dollars of construction contracts over his career, and he has developed solar projects valued at millions of dollars. He has also been on the board of a non-profit developing and funding microgrid projects internationally.

Harper has been a technologist hacking on projects for most of his life. As an advisor, he will assist with technical issues and help find the best people in the industry to help build SparkEco DAO. Harper has also founded several companies and has a wealth of experience coaching company founders. He challenges and inspires us to think bigger and make the maximum impact with our work.

Tricia has a tech career spanning decades, and she is passionate about building equitable projects by putting people first. She has studied the impacts of technology on society and is committed to a Web3 world that serves all people. As an advisor, Tricia helps bring the team back to our vision of assisting people in taking ownership of the public goods they use every day. She always reminds us to think about the customer, their problems, and how we can help solve them.

What will SparkEco do:

We plan to raise 1,250 ETH ($5M) in capital to fund SparkEco DAO and issue governance tokens to funders. These funds will be used to partner with existing North American, South American, and African solar developers.

During our first year of operation we plan to:

  • engage legal and accounting consultants to establish the legal framework for SparkEco DAO
  • fund 2 MW of microgrid projects in our first round of funding
  • fractionalize/tokenize these projects
  • form sub-DAOs in the local communities we serve
  • give a portion of the tokens to the sub-DAOs and hold the balance in the SparkEco DAO treasury
  • give a portion of the SparkEco governance tokens to each sub-DAO

Using existing pay-as-you-go (PAYG) technology, the communities will purchase the power from the solar microgrids as they use it. SparkEco can connect solar microgrids to homes, businesses, and centralized community charging stations for cell phones and other small electronics. We will monitor the solar microgrids and collect payments for the electricity.