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Sparking the Eco-Friendly Crypto Revolution

Spark Eco DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) utilizes blockchain technology to fund real-world solutions to combat the climate crisis. Will be the first decentralized utility company deploying tens of thousands of small microgrids worldwide. Microgrids are decentralized, self-sufficient solar systems that produce, store, and deliver electricity directly to the consumer. Electricity is an essential public good that drives economic growth, improves living standards, and helps to alleviate poverty. We will create a new model for how communities can access clean energy and have an ownership stake in the microgrids deployed in their community. Spark Eco will fund these projects through micro-loans and other funding models. Public goods should empower communities!

Spark Eco Solar Project Funding

The power of web3 and DAOs is coordinating around solutions to complex problems from the bottom up. We are starting our work at the local level to develop a funding platform that can be replicated and expanded into new communities. We are currently:
  • building a micro-lending platform that incorporates DeFi tools.
  • working with local stakeholders in emerging markets to identify projects.
  • exploring partnerships with the regenerative finance community.

Work with Spark Eco on your project

We want to partner with:
  • communities who want to build and own solar projects.
  • solar developers working on solar microgrid projects.
  • artists, entrepreneurs and others in the crypto/ReFi/web3 world.

Participate in bringing power to the people

You can help fund our project with a contribution to our Gitcoin grant

You can also make a direct contribution to our gnosis multi-sig wallet

  • sparkeco.eth or
  • 0xDC467F97a4048871B5e3E8Fa3549C4a498631e43

Get in touch

We are working on a lot of really great projects with some really great teams. If you want to work together - please email us.

☀️  twitter: @spark_eco 🌳

☀️  email: info@spark.eco 🌳

☀️  discord: Spark Eco 🌳

☀️  ethereum: sparkeco.eth 🌳