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Sparking the Eco-Friendly Crypto Revolution

Spark Eco is the first of its kind cryptocurrency fund. We believe that cryptocurrency has the potential to be a driving force in the fight against climate change. We help creators on Ethereum mitigate the environmental impact of their art. Get in touch to learn more.

Participate in making Ethereum better for the world

Send your contribution to: 0xb837E7Ec39C6609f8388C86ABb07B50cA34A9562

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Learn more about the organizations Spark.eco supports

We support a number of handpicked organizations that our contract automatically pays once you send a contribution to the spark Ethereum address. We found organizations that have an Ethereum address so that the contributions can be verified on chain.

You can view the full list of organizations and learn how to verify the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Work with Spark.eco on your project

We work with artists, entrepreneurs and others who have had success building experiences on Ethereum.

Get in touch

We are working on a lot of really great projects with some really great teams. If you want to work together - please email us.

Send us an email info@spark.eco