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Sparking the Eco-Friendly Crypto Revolution

Spark democratizes renewable energy production by financing small project developers. We do this via a Web3-enabled marketplace for people to invest in real-world solar projects and directly access Renewable Energy Certificates. Electricity is an essential public good that drives economic growth, improves living standards, and helps to alleviate poverty. We are creating a new model for how communities can access clean energy.

Updated litepaper coming soon

Spark Eco Solar Project Funding

The power of web3 is coordinating around solutions to complex problems from the bottom up. We are starting our work at the local level to develop a funding platform that can be replicated and expanded into new communities. We are currently:
  • building a marketplace for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
  • building a new way to fractionalize solar energy projects.
  • working with local stakeholders in emerging markets to identify projects.
  • exploring partnerships with the regenerative finance community.

Work with Spark Eco on your project

We want to partner with:
  • communities who want to build and own solar projects.
  • solar developers working on solar energy projects.
  • artists, entrepreneurs and others in the crypto/ReFi/web3 space.

Get in touch

We are working on a lot of really great projects with some really great teams. If you want to work together - please email us.

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